Reduce your cost on cleaning supplies & enter to win $100?

You can do it with AZOR!


AZOR does more than just office supplies. We also have decades of experience in janitorial & facility supplies. We have helped hundreds of customers just like you reduce costs in their facility by recommending the most effective product for any cleaning job.

For a limited time, we are offering a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card for any customer who receives our complimentary janitorial consultation from June 28th to August 31st. The more categories you schedule a consultation for, the more chances you have to win!

Here’s how to enter the drawing:

1. Read more about the categories we offer below.
2. Select a category you would like to receive a free consultation. If you’d like a consultation for more than one category, be sure to mention it at the time of scheduling.
3. Fill out the form below & request a time. We will do our best to honor your selected time, but may schedule a different date based on availability of our experts.
4. If the form doesn’t work, simply email info@azorinc.com.com with the product for which you would like a consultation.

Floor Care

Whether your floors are tile, carpet, concrete, hardwood, or any other material, A-Z’s janitorial experts can put together a comprehensive floor care program. Taking into account foot traffic, downtime, and a variety of other factors, AZOR will customize a floor care program for your needs and budget.


The right equipment will provide you cost savings on the largest expense for any business: labor. A-Z offers free demonstrations, financing, & major cost savings on demo models. Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration with one of our equipment specialists.

Towel & Tissue

AZOR inc. is partnered with Kruger®, North America’s premier provider of sanitary towel & tissue products. From cost effective roll towels & jumbo roll toilet paper to traditional tissue paper & kitchen towels, A-Z has you covered. Ask your consultant if you qualify for reduced cost dispenser solutions.

Skin Care

Whether you need hand sanitizer, high efficiency foaming soaps, or heavy duty skin care products, you are in good hands with A-Z. We customize solutions to improve health & wellness while lowering cost per use based on your organization’s needs. A-Z also offers special needs industry specific solutions for healthcare & manufacturing.


A-Z has a full range of commercial chemical solutions to help clean up the biggest of messes. From heavy duty degreasers to broad spectrum disinfectants for healthcare environments, we’re happy to help you select the right product for your application.

Dilution Control

Dilution control offers major cost savings when buying concentrated chemicals, ensures quality control by precisely controlling mixing, & consolidates purchasing by promoting standardization. Ask how we can help find the perfect dilution control solution for your organization.

Can Liners

Choosing the right can liner can help make the most of your disposal best practices. Whether your facility is in need of high strength, puncture resistant liners, or light duty liners for office environments, A-Z can help ensure you’re selecting the most cost effective liner for any job.

Air Care

When it comes to fragrances for your facility, A-Z recommends Vectair®. Vectair® is the world leader in air care technology, & is based locally in Memphis, TN. We also offer more comprehensive air purification systems, strong enough to conquer the worst odor problems.


Slip & fall accidents are a serious concern for any business. Industries like manufacturing &heavy industry may experience major & potentially hazardous spills making cleaning a priority. A-Z has a full line of industrial absorbents to help keep your operations running smoothly.

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