Educating the next generation is a big job. A-Z is here to help. Education represents the second largest sector that we service. We offer a wide range of products to help your school and district succeed in your mission. Pencils and paper are just the start; we also offer a wide range of janitorial products and equipment to keep your facility clean and your students healthy. You can count on A-Z for your educational furniture, too; desks, lecterns, whiteboards, and anything you may need to help make your classrooms conformable spaces for learning.

All educational organizations qualify for our NCPA (national Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) program. See below for more details.

The complexities of modern day healthcare require specialized equipment, facilities, and furniture. A-Z services multiple hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics throughout the Southeast and we understand your needs. We provide a wide range of products such as phlebotomy chairs, examination gloves, and medical chart folders to name just a few of the essentials your organization uses on a daily basis. We offer the modern medical facility value by consolidating the purchase of a wide range of supplies to a single vendor, and providing most of those items next day.

A-Z is also an authorized supplier with Premier purchasing group. Premier is owned by over 200 non profit hospitals and healthcare systems; if you are one of them let us know! We look forward to serving you. Click here to learn more about Premier.



Working with American manufacturers in our community is a source of pride for A-Z Office Resource. Manufacturing purchasing can have different considerations than many other industries. Whether you’re purchasing 1,000 stamps as part of your quality control process or packaging material in bulk, we’re happy to personally work with your business so you can achieve the economy of scale you need to be profitable.

A-Z understands medium and small business because that is who we are. Even companies not in the Fortune 500 rely on valuable business partners to keep the doors open. If you’re an office manager or purchasing agent and looking for a supplier with next day delivery and personal service to make your job a little easier, give us a call. We’re flexible to your delivery, pricing, and accounting concerns and look forward to doing business.

Medium & Small Business

State, Local, and Municipal Government

Purchasing for the government is no small task. Procurement of everything from toilet paper to furniture often goes through an arduous process, a process that A-Z knows well. Government at various levels represents our biggest customer base.

All state, county, and local government organizations qualify for our NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) program. See below for more details.

A-Z proudly does business with multiple agencies of the United States Federal Government. We’re an authorized GSA office products contractor under MAS Schedule 75 (Contract # GS-14F-0043M) through our GPO Independent Stationers. We are also an Ability One authorized supplier and a FSSI OS 2 BPA vendor (Contract # GS-02F-XA003).

Federal Government


Aside from our own giving to charitable organization, A-Z also does business with many non-profit organizations in our community. Whether you’re a church, an animal shelter or a thrift store, we’d love to do work with you and help your cause. Many non-profit organizations also qualify for our NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) program. See below for more details.


Let us take away your bidding headaches! A-Z Office Resource is an authorized NCPA dealer (Contract #11-18). NCPA is a legally piggy-backable contract that allows you to skip the bidding process, requires no commitment to purchase, and guarantees you low prices on over 20,000 items. Call us and learn more on how you can save time and money by doing business with A-Z using our NCPA program.

You can read more about NCPA here: