Ah, good evening – I was going through some personal objects I had kept from my youth and young adulthood the other day. I was amazed to find some of the things I’d kept were not all strings, buttons and rocks (those were in there as well). But I’d also kept some promotional products dating back to the 1970’s!

AA Playing CardsAmerican Airlines cards from the 1970s or 80s.First, we have this deck of playing cards from American Airlines. When I was younger, we didn’t fly all that often. So these either came from a flight my dad took in the 70’s, or from one of my younger trips back to Australia. Either way, every time I played gin rummy with my college buddies, I was reminded of the airline that provided these cards.A-Z has several resources to supply you with playing cards. Let’s get a conversations started!

McDonald's BookmarkSecond, this Ronald McDonald bookmark with a copyright date of 1978. Now, growing up, my mother cooked so often that going out to a restaurant – even just lunch at McDonalds was a rare event. But I have always been a voracious reader, so a bookmark like this was a wonderful way to keep a young boy’s place while reminding him of the destination to request on those rare trips out! I may have picked this up at the library – McDonald’s may have sponsored a reading program.

Bookmarks are fantastic ways of supplying information and encouraging reading at the same time! We here at A-Z have helped out clients with bookmarks and stand ready to help you.

Coin PouchThird, I remember my dad pulling out a coin pouch like this before I carried any sort of money (ah youth!) At some point I either inherited this from him or another adult – I didn’t work at Reelfoot Packing Co, so I know that’s not where I got it! You can see that it’s been through some abuse, but it’s still functional! And what’s more, I recently found a couple more in a flea market (they were really cheap, so I bought them thinking they’d make a good point someday!)I think outside of business cards, bookmarks and rulers, this may be one of the longest enduring promotional products still available! Produced in Akron Ohio since 1951, these coin purses can be a part of your marketing strategy for less than $1 a piece, even at the minimum quantities!

Air NZ Snoopy SoapLastly, here’s one product that I can testify to being effective. You won’t see airlines providing bars of soap like this in the lavatories. Heck, some hotels are even shying away from bars of soap. However, I can tell you my trip to Australia in 1977, when I was 10 years old (yes, do the math!), left me with a good feeling for Air New Zealand. So on the trips back to visit family since becoming an adult I’ve always at least compared ANZ with Quantas. And I’m not sure where the Snoopy soap came from – maybe just a purchased bar that has survived the years!Soaps like this can be a wonderful marketing tool, and available from A-Z with custom molded shapes to simple wrappers.

At A-Z Office Resource Specialty Products Group, we’re here to help you deal a full-house with your marketing message. We’ll help you mark your place in your market economically, and cleanly!


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